I absolutely love my Anti-Gravity sandals. I started a new job earlier this year and now have the opportunity to walk 14 blocks from Penn Station to my office, which I enjoy doing -- I put on my music and I am off...marching to the beat!!. After a couple of weeks though, my feet started hurting me…a lot. I tried sneakers. I tried purchasing inserts for more cushion. I purchased different types of boots/sneakers and nothing worked. There’s an Easy Spirit store right across from my office and I went in and after perusing your selection, decided to give the Anti-Gravity sandals a try. Well, needless to say, I LOVE THEM. I don’t think I’ve worn another pair of shoes all summer! Even on my vacation, all I took was 2 pairs of shoes…one being my Anti-Gravity Sandals which I wear with everything!! I’m now going to take advantage of your September sale and purchase two pairs to get me through the winter. I am so grateful I discovered your shoes!! I now thoroughly enjoy my daily "marches" to/from my offices...and my feet do not hurt -- that is priceless. - Sue
Since I have found Easy Spirit shoes that's all I like to wear, but now I have found the anti-gravity collection I'm even happier. They are so wonderful to walk in, they are comfortable, my back pain is less, my feet aren't sore and you can't beat the price. Please don't change anything about them, they are perfect just the way they are. - Judy
I ordered a pair of anti-gravity sandals this summer and my Mom liked them so well she had me order her a pair and 2 other pair of anti-gravity shoes too. She gave one pair of those shoes to my sister and now my sister has another pair of anti-gravity sandals too. Sure hope your anti-gravity shoes stay around for a long time. - Kathy
I first ordered the sandals when they first came out. I have since ordered at least 4 more pairs of the sandals and 3 pairs of other shoes in the line. I love them. I have had issues with heel spurs for years and with these shoes it is no longer an issue. I recommend them to everyone I know. They are the BEST shoes I have ever owned and will where them as long as they are available. - Kiera
I enjoy walking everyday but by the time I was done walking about 4 miles my feet would be hot and stinging. I purchased a pair of anti-gravity sandals and I was in heaven. My feet stayed cool from the air circulating under them and my legs were getting a workout. Because of the nice weather I can wear them almost year round. - Angie
I have bought 11 pairs of the anti-gravity shoe's, sandals and gym shoes. They are the best things. I have had problems with Plantar Fasciitis and since I have been wearing these shoes I feel like I am walking on air. I can go on walks again with no pain. I keep looking on the website for new styles. Love them! - Nickie
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