Shoe Guru Commonly Asked Question and Answers
Q: I need shoes that are good for 1. arch support, 2. anti-heel slipping, 3. arthritic knees, back and feet. What styles do you recommend that I can use every day for walking?
A: For shopping or walking we suggest you try either our Level 3 styles that have a Gel heel cushioning system for extra padding such as Strongone or Fastbreak, or our new "Anti-Gravity” style Getupandgo that has an extra thick midsole for cushioning but is very lightweight. For more casual/ easy/ comfortable wear we suggest Traveltime or Zazen.
Q: I am looking to purchase a pair of casual shoes, preferably slip on shoes/sneakers or sandals that I need for travel where I have lots of walking planned. Would like something I can wear with casual attire/shorts.
A: You might like the sandal styles Hartwell or Daniela. Some athletic styles you might want to try would be the Traveltime, Annika, August, Tourwalk or Getupandgo.
Q: I love to walk, but recently developed Plantar Fasciitis which makes walking very painful in the heel area. Which of your shoes, including the athletic ones, would be the most comfortable for me?
A: All of our athletic styles are very comfortable and have little break-in time. One style to try would be the Traveltime, which is a mule slide on an athletic construction and is very easy and comfortable to wear. You might also want to try either our Level 3 styles the Strongone or Fastbreak that have a Gel heel cushioning system for extra padding or our new "Anti-Gravity” style Getupandgo that has an extra thick midsole for cushioning and is very lightweight.
Q: Can I put my shoes into the washing machine?
A: You can machine wash on gentle cycle with mild soap, in cold to room temperature water. Usually putting them inside a lightweight washable laundry bag saves them on wear and tear in the machine. Remove the insoles before washing. After washing, stuff the toe area with paper towels and let them air dry.
Q: What does "spirit level" mean?
A: Spirit Level 1, 2, or 3 describes the activity level of use for our athletic styles. Spirit Level 1 is for light walking and more casual activity. Spirit Level 2 styles include many of our traditional athletic styles and are best for walking and cross-training. Spirit Level 3 has the most technical features and benefits and is for more serious workouts.
Q: What does anti-gravity mean?
A: Anti-Gravity is a collection of features that are incorporated into a few styles including the Getupandgo and Getwalking athletic styles that make them exceptionally comfortable. Anti-gravity styles offer dual density midsoles for a super cushioned ride. They also feature flexible, durable, and lightweight outsoles and are designed to cradle the foot for extra stability.
Q: What do you recommend for a classic flat for dress/business style? I would like a 1/4" or lower heel with no toe cleavage, bows, studs or cutouts.
A: A good style is the Jetta, a classic flat shoe that comes in many colors. We also have an adorable peep-toe low wedge style called the Tasia that is very versatile.
Q: I can't find the shoe I want in stores. If I order online, how can I be sure I'm ordering the right size? Do you have a size chart or guide?
A: You can stop by any Easy Spirit store and have a store associate measure your foot or you can start by ordering your normal size/width, our styles tend to run true to size.
Q: Can I buy new insoles for my Easy Spirit shoes?
A: We do not currently sell insoles separately. You should be able to find a suitable replacement from a shoe care kiosk, or at your local grocery or drug store.
Q: Could you please tell me if Easy Spirit makes men’s shoes and if so where to purchase them?
A: We do not carry men’s footwear in our Easy Spirit Stores, but we do have men’s styles available on our website! click here.